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High performance compression

3-tier compression. Provides smooth shaping under clothes.

Extra chest compression

Minimizes the look of gynecomastia.

Top notch

Blend of 93% Nylon, 7% Elastane holds firm.


Offers comfort, support and stability.

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More colours available


Gynecosmatia compression shirts for men

Tranform your shape

High performance compression
3-tier compression. Provides smooth shaping
under clothes.

Extra chest compression
Minimizes the look of gynecomastia.

Top notch material
Blend of 93% Nylon, 7% Elastane holds firm.

Breathable fabric
Offers comfort, support and stability.

Plus Size Abdominal Binder


This Plus Size Abdominal Binder helps support your belly, waist & hips post-pregnancy and makes you forget all your abdominal injuries.

Perfect for men and women

Reduces post surgery recovery time

Provides back support/pain relief

Can be worn under or over clothes

Creates slimming effect

Plus Size Abdominal Binder

innovative dual compression technology

washing machine

I bought this product for my sister to help her recover after giving birth. She had been struggling with back pain and stomach muscle soreness & it has been amazing helping her get on with everyday duties. It provides great compression & fits snug to her body without digging in. It helps her posture, supports her back, and has taken away the pain. It's well made and top quality. Highly recommend.

Jessica J.

This is probably the best compression vest. It's super comfortable, light, and breathable. I don't feel confined when I wear it and paranoid when people hug me. I look natural just more fit. I'm a 3xlt. The 4x was the best fit for me. It's long and doesn't rise up like other brands. I wish this came in black. Looks like a tank top once on. It's just super comfortable and I wear everyday. Not just special occasions.

Morris D.
Great plus size abdominal binder

I recently had hernia surgery and came home crammed into a binder that was much too tight. It took 2 people to stretch it enough to barely meet. I ordered the QORE LOGIC Binder in the correct size and instantly more comfortable and I could actually put it on by myself. The velcro is strong enough to hold, but not too strong for me to remove by myself. It comes in an nice zippered pouch for washing and a piece of opposing velcro to cover the velcro fastener while you wash it or store it. It comes in a variety of sizes for even very large people. I highly recommend it!

Great Quality product!

Way better than expected. I was a groomsman at a wedding and used this underneath my shirt to hold my gut in. Worked perfectly! Very soft and comfortable. I am 6 foot 220 pounds and wear 2XL shirts to hide my belly. I ordered this in an X-LARGE and was perfect.

Keith from Dburg
Best abdominal binding I've owned in over a decade

The quality of this abdominal binding surpasses anything that I have purchased in 15 years! It comes with a garment bag for washing a Velcro cover for washing. It's comfortable and easy to put on myself without the aid of anyone else!! I would highly recommend this binding if you wear an abdominal binding on a regular basis The sizes are incredibly accurate make sure you measure yourself or you're going to end up with an extra 2' of elastic…

Brandy Valdez
Great shirt and even better customer service!

This is a nice snug compression shirt that does a decent job of holding in my gut. It's not as thick as a materiel as my wife's spanx, but overall I'm very happy with it. If it was any thicker I'd think I would be too hot. I reached out to customer service with a concern about my height and size and they were on top of things, responding quickly and covering my concerns. I'm wearing it to a wedding next month and looking forward to seeing pictures of myself looking just a bit more slim. I'm 6'6 and this shirt is plenty long enough. If you are looking for a big and tall compression shirt, stop here. I'm normally a 2XLT but in compression the LT fit just fine. I can't say enough good things about this product and the people selling them.

Excellent customer service, even better product

The customer service was beyond amazing! They really go out of their way to make sure you're taken care of. The binder is very soft and skin friendly. I love that its wide enough to cover from just under my bust to the mid hips. Its super supportive but not in a restricting way, its very flexible so you can sit and bend down without it rolling down or bunching. The velcro is really secure. When you put this binder on, its not moving until you take it off. The binder comes in a cute carry bag. I highly recommend keeping the strip that closes over the velcro when not in use because like I said....the velcro is really secure. I highly recommend and I thank Qore Logic for making a phenomenal binder for us big girls.

Sam B
Confidence back in jr high

I never write reviews, but this meant so much to my son and has made a world of difference. It important people know this is a awesome product . And very and I mean very good quality. If you are looking for a good compression garment for men to flatten chest area or abdominal area this is it. I bought 2 so far size large my son is 5’6 and weighs about 175 lbs. He wears it for school, sports etc under his shirts it has given him confidence back after being bullied. He loves these!

Excellent Binder

I was prepared for a 4th abdominal hernia repair but it has been decided to delay. I needed a new binder that would be comfortable to wear at all times. This binder has strong elasticity and the strongest Velcro fastening I have experienced. The main part of the item is flexible to fit your form but keep its hold. They provide a band to secure the Velcro strip during laundering and even a bag to put it in for washing. I will order another for a spare as I’ll need a binder forever whether or not surgery happens at a later date. The best value for the expense I’ve had.

Deborah Wortham

This shirt does what it advertises, it keeps everything feeling tight which instantly really helped with my confidence wearing it underneath work shirts to the office. It’s much better quality than some of the other ones I’ve brought, so I will 100% be buying more.

This is perfect for a person with an umbilical hernia.

I got this for my 54 yrs old son who has an umbilical hernia, and he uses it whenever he's going to be lifting stuff. He says it has changed his life!!

Kindle Customer
Amazing quality and affordable

I finally found a great product and I’ve already ordered 4 of these shirts. Sizing guide is true to size and quality is impeccable! Truly amazed by the product and it’s extremely comfortable.

Adam Alepian

At QORE LOGIQ we pride ourselves on enhancing the quality of your life, by providing comfort, support and stability to all your ‘QORE’ needs..

It's 'LOGIQ' really!